Board of Directors

JAMHI Health & Wellness, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board of directors who care deeply about our community, the JAMHI workforce and especially the people we serve. 

JAMHI’s board of directors provides effective and ethical governance on behalf of Southeast Alaska stakeholder interests to ensure that our organization is focused on its purpose and outcomes for persons served, resulting in JAMHI’s long-term success and stability.

The board is responsible for ensuring that the organization is managed effectively, efficiently, and ethically by the executive leadership through defined governance accountability mechanisms. These mechanisms include, but are not limited to, an adopted governance framework defined by written governance policies and demonstrated practices, active and timely review of organizational performance and that of the executive leadership, and the demarcation of duties between the board and executive leadership to ensure that organizational strategies, plans, decisions, and actions are delegated to the resource that would best advance the interests and performance of the organization over the long term and manage the organization’s inherent risks.

JAMHI’s commitment to effective governance is reflected in part, by JAMHI successfully applying the optional CARF International governance standards at each of its three-year accreditation awards.

The JAMHI Health & Wellness board of directors is composed of:

Joan Cahill, President
Bradley Perkins, Vice-President
Laura Rorem, Secretary
Anthony Sholty, Treasurer
Phyllis Carlson
Laura Lucas

Gordy Williams
Jeri Museth
Janelle Anderson
Jeff Polizzotto
Dr. carolyn Brown