Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency Treatment Services

JAMHI offers a variety of substance use treatment programs that reflect the varying stages of change endemic to addiction. While substance use issues are not new to the population served by JAMHI, local and national spikes in drug usage suggest the need for a more focused and specific response. Incorporating substance use treatment into the array of JAMHI services also allows greater integration into the larger pursuit of overall health and wellness.

JAMHI’s Substance Use or Integrated Behavioral Health Assessment identifies substance use problems and determines the most appropriate ASAM level of care. If a client requires residential treatment, a referral will be made to the local 3.5 treatment facility at Bartlett Regional Hospital. If a lower level of care is indicated, however, JAMHI can provide the following:

ASAM Level .5 Early Intervention Services

ASAM Level 1 Outpatient

ASAM Level 2.1 Intensive Outpatient