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JAMHI Awarded Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

JAMHI Awarded Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

The Mental Health America (MHA) has awarded JAMHI Health & Wellness, Inc. the 2022-23 GOLD Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health! The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is a first-of-its-kind workplace mental health certification that recognizes employers that strive to improve employee mental health and create a psychologically safe workplace for all. Only 13% of applicants qualify for an award at any level.

As a Bell Seal recipient, JAMHI joins a community of leaders who transform the workplace environment into more supportive and healthier spaces where employees can thrive. JAMHI leadership recognizes that an investment in employee mental health is an investment in the organization’s financial, social, and emotional health and a worthwhile pursuit. Certainly, this was no easy feat, and a lot of work and thoughtful review was put into applying for this honor.

JAMHI’s work in the following areas served to determine their GOLD certification:

  • Expansive employee growth opportunities
  • Competitive and mental health-friendly benefits packages
  • Emphasis on and commitment to work-life balance
  • Willingness to go above and beyond ethical standards
  • Committed and mental health-conscious leadership

JAMHI scored highest in the areas of workplace culture, compliance, and wellness programs. Their efforts in maintaining a supportive workplace culture include conducting an employee survey addressing workplace wellness and burnout, promoting a culture of wellness and normalizing conversations around self-care, encouraging employees to take PTO when needed, and providing employees with professional growth opportunities including conference registration and travel stipends, education or certification reimbursement, professional training, and internal promotions. Additionally, JAMHI financially supports an active event planning committee that conceptualizes, plans and delivers a variety of regular events and activities for staff with the goal of strengthening staff relationships and improving workplace culture. JAMHI is the only Bell Seal Recipient that seeks to hire staff with lived experience and the only recipient that noted staff trainings on maintaining boundaries.

JAMHI’s health insurance plans cover mental health and substance use services and PTO can be used to cover leave to care for family members with mental health conditions. They have wellness coaches on staff that conduct employee wellness activities and they offer perks such as free tram passes for employees and their families, free parks and rec passes, and gym membership discounts. Eligible employees have the option to work remotely and they offer flexible work arrangements.

JAMHI’s Bell Seal status is a testament to the positive workplace culture that JAMHI has created in partnership with their staff and leadership team. Championing workplace mental health is an evolving journey and they remain committed to continual improvement. As leaders in the mental health field, JAMHI upholds integrity by applying the same standards of quality care for their clients as they do in supporting the mental health and wellness of their employees. JAMHI believes that supporting employee wellness is a crucial element as JAMHI grows as an organization and expands their services in the community. JAMHI stands by their commitment to help all people live their own best lives.