JASAP Juneau Alcohol Safety Action Program


The Juneau Alcohol Safety Action Program (JASAP) is part of a statewide system that operates much like an alcohol- or drug-related misdemeanor probation system. The goal of the program is to reverse the progression of poeples’ substance abuse and to prevent more serious criminal activity. JASAP is designed as a prevention-intervention process. The system has been adopted by a number of states and allows for interstate coordination and tracking. Court referrals are screened and evaluated and then referred to an appropriate level of education or treatment. JASAP has been a part of NCADD-Juneau since 1980 and is proud to be a part of JAMHI Health & Wellness.

People are monitored through progress reports from the agency of referral. Progress is reported by JASAP staff to courts. Non-compliance with court-ordered JASAP treatment or education can result in an issuance of a court summons or warrant for arrest.


JASAP provides alcohol and other drug assessment, referral services, and compliance monitoring for adolescents. Assessment and referral is provided for the general public, school referrals, and juvenile probation.


JASAP provides alcohol screening, referral services, and compliance monitoring for adults who are court-ordered alcohol misdemeanants.

 VIP Victim Impact & Alcohol Drug Information school

JAMHI offers Victim Impact (VIP) and Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS).  Please enroll in these classes through JASAP.

JASAP Contact Info

JASAP Administrator
Walt Sisikin

3406 Glacier Hwy.
Juneau, AK 99801



*Please Note: People enrolled in JASAP  MUST call the JASAP office directly at 907-463-6804.