Medical Assistant

Position: Medical Assistant
Status: Non-Exempt
Department: Integrated Services
Salary Range: $21.37-27.60
Supervisor: Chief Medical Officer
Date: 09/12/2019

Description: The Medical Assistant is responsible to assist physicians and nurses with clinic preparations and patient documentation to support patient centered care in a clinic setting as part of a collaborative team. Responsible for assisting with procedures and provide skilled clinical tasks and laboratory procedures as delegated and supervised by the healthcare provider.

Division of Duties:

75 % Clinical Services and documentation
20 % Administrative Duties
5 % Other duties as assigned.

 JAMHI Employee Expectations:


  • Demonstrates reliable work attendance.
  • Consistently arrives, ready to work, at appointed time.
  • Consistently complies with break and meal schedules.
  • Consistently notifies Supervisor of illness within the appropriate time frames.
  • Accepts a fair share of unscheduled work when warranted by increased workload.


  • Protects client privacy when providing care.
  • Protects information of a confidential nature (including Protected Health Information & administrative).
  • Assures appropriate physical and psychosocial support of client/family in crisis.
  • Considers client’s values, lifestyle, and/or spiritual needs.
  • Intervenes as clients advocate when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Client’s Rights/Responsibilities.
  • Adheres to JAMHI’s Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest.
  • Comply with all JAMHI P&Ps and operational guidelines and local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

Guest/Employee Relations/Appearance

  • Interacts courteously with client/family/visitors, including explaining role.
  • Participates in identification of problems at JAMHI and contributes to group problem solving.
  • Utilizes appropriate channels of communication for conflict resolution.
  • Promotes harmonious relationships and favorable attitudes among work team.
  • Gives and accepts feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Wears appropriate, clean attire and maintains good personal hygiene.
  • Attire does not interfere with the safe delivery of care.


  • Knows location and use of emergency equipment (fire alarms, extinguishers, etc.)
  • Knows correct procedure to report a fire or emergency.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Disaster Plan.
  • Maintains on file a current emergency phone contact for use in disasters.
  • Participates in emergency drills.
  • Identifies and reports any unsafe conditions in a timely manner.
  • Contributes to JAMHI’s tidiness and readiness for emergency response.

Continuing Education

  • Responds positively when learning needs are identified.
  • Attends mandatory in-service programs.

JAMHI Pledge of Quality:

Commitment: In order to continuously improve in everything we do, we welcome, accept and act upon constructive feedback from any source.

Dedication:  In order to fulfill our dedication to helping others, we work together and support each other – always.

Integrity:  We keep the promises we make. We do not promise what we cannot do.

Accountability: We hold each other and ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions. WE do not look the other way. Measurements and time frames guide our progress.

Responsibility:  We ALL accept responsibility to make a difference in meeting the needs of our co-workers, the customer and the community. We are ALL responsible for solutions to problems.

Recognition:  We acknowledge each other’s successes. We find joy in what we do daily.

Respect:  We treat each other in a dignified, friendly, courteous and professional manner at all times.

Communication: We respectfully Speak, Listen and Respond to ALL individuals. We do not make assumptions. We confirm the message sent is the one received.

Team Work:  We have our expectations in order to help each other succeed in our daily responsibilities. This is the success of our organization, and the success of our clients.

 Position Duties:

  • Conduct patient check in, assist with exams, office procedures, and minor office surgeries including set-up, clean-up, patient prep, and documentation in electronic medical record.
  • Interview patients, measure vital signs, review medication list, and perform other medical procedures per protocol.
  • Administer injections and oral medication as ordered by provider.
  • Collect specimen samples (i.e. urine, serum, stool, bacterial culture, etc.) and process them for send-out. Track all send-out labs and provide results to provider.
  • Perform in-house (CLIA-waived) lab tests, including UA, UPT, BG, A1c, rapid strep test, rapid flu test, lipid panel, fecal occult blood test (FOBT) as ordered by provider. Perform required quality control testing on in-house tests.
  • Responsible for tracking and reviewing test results with provider and notifying patient of test results as requested by provider. Document all conversations with patients via electronic medical record.
  • Perform ECG’s and upload to Virginia Mason Secure Transport Website, track ECG over-read and provide results to provider.
  • Obtain pre-authorizations for referrals as required and/or requested by provider (i.e. medications, studies, travel authorization, etc.). Complete necessary paperwork. Assist with discharge process and patient education.
  • Responsible for inventory and ordering medical supplies to ensure adequate supplies and appropriate equipment are available including vaccines, injectable medication, and testing equipment.
  • Ensure equipment is cleaned and maintained per protocol.
  • Prepare and disinfect exam room for each patient visit. Stock patient rooms. Ensure the lab is clean and perform general upkeep of clinic.
  • Check for missing reports (i.e. ER notes, etc.). Manage incoming phone calls, faxes, and voice messages prioritizing urgency and following up with provider/patient.
  • Responsible for Auto Clave (i.e. order supplies, prewash, sterilize, etc.).
  • Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or high school equivalent (GED).
  • Prior experience providing a high level of customer service in a fast paced environment.
  • BLS Certification or ability to obtain BLS within 30-days of hire.
  • Ability to provide and maintain professional relationships with clients and their families, which allowing for mutual respect, consistency and empathy in all interactions, and appropriate ethical and relational  boundaries
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check in accordance with the current state regulation requirements.
  • Must have valid Alaska driver’s license and be able to clear the JAMHI auto insurance screening through the independent insurance carrier and/or if driving.
  • Demonstrated PC skills (i.e. proficient with MS Office products).
  • Ability to effectively communicate both in writing and verbally.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Graduate from an accredited medical assisting program.
  • Experience working in a integrated medical and behavioral health setting or FQHC.
  • Experience using Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Workers Supervised: 0


Disclaimer: The statements contained in this job description are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position. Additional duties and responsibilities may be required of the jobholder based upon the business needs and the request of management. Employee signature constitutes employee’s understanding of the requirements, essential functions, duties, work environment, and physical requirements of this position.

Never 0% Occas. 33% of time Freq. 45-66% of time Contin. 67-100% of time
1 to 10 lbs.
11 to 25 lbs.
26 to 50 lbs.
51 to 75 lbs.
76 to 100 lbs.
1 to 10 lbs.
11 to 20 lbs.
21 to 50 lbs.
51 to 75 lbs.
76 to 100 lbs.
Reach Above Shoulders
Reach Below Shoulders
Repetitive Arm Use
Repetitive Wrist Use
Repetitive Hand Use
A)     Grasping
B)  Squeezing
Climb Stairs/Ladders
Uneven Walking Surfaces
Even Walking Surfaces
Depth Perception
Less than 20 inches
Color Vision
Peripheral Vision



Never 0% Occas. 33% of time Freq. 45-66% of time Contin. 67-100% of time
Motor Vehicles
Operate Foot Pedals
Power Tools
Impact Tools
Extreme Heat
Extreme Cold
Excessive Noise
Other (Explain)
Task Hours at One Time Total Hours in 8 Hr. day
Sit  Less than 4 5-6
Stand Less than 2 Less than 4
Walk Less than 2 Less than 4
ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS (including clarification of any of the above)
Ability to cope with clients who may use challenging or offensive language with potential for escalation.