Residential Case Manager

Position:         Residential Case Manager


Description:   Provides rehabilitation services for severely mentally ill and dually diagnosed

adults who may also be affected by traumatic brain injury, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.  Location: Services will be provided to clients at JAMHI group homes such as The Lodge, Salmonberry House and Timberline, as well as supported living clients in K1 and K2 apartments. Other duties will be performed at the JAMHI clinic and in the community.


Position Duties:        

  • Provide voluntary social skills assistance groups, behavioral modification training, case management services to program while ensuring that services represent the tenet that when mental health disorders and substance disorders co-exist, that both disorders should be considered primary and integrated dual (or multiple) primary diagnosis-specific treatment is recommended; that mental health disorders and substance disorders are both examples of chronic, biopsychosocial disorders that can be understood using a disease and recovery model; that these disorders have parallel phases of recovery; and, that treatment must be matched to diagnosis, phase of recovery and stage of change.
  • Support and facilitate the development of living skills that will support client’s independent housing placement in the community including meal preparation, financial management including entitlements, maintenance of a clean, orderly person and living environment. In the event that a more medically supportive level of care is required, provide the case management and linkage services to obtain a Medicaid Waiver, obtain admission to an assisted living home or nursing home, and provide the services necessary to coordinate admission to said level of care and monitor the transition to ensure client’s wellbeing throughout the process.
  • Responsible for coordination of medication needs with nursing staff regarding medication, coordination with OPA and other payee services regarding payment of medication bills to ensure medication continuity.  Coordination with inpatient agencies and JAMHI nurses to ensure that client’s medication orders are followed upon discharge into JAMHI housing.  When needed pass clients medications; by following proper medication pass procedures and being up on medication training yearly per nursing’s approval.
  • Coordinate with other service providers where necessary to facilitate treatment goals: including, but not limited to primary care physicians, SEARHC, REACH, job coaching, LCCC, court orders and Probation, etc.  Work closely with the Clinician II assigned to the JAMHI housing programs to carry out case management needs as identified in treatment planning group home clients, and be responsible for carrying out these tasks as identified.
  • Support and facilitate symptom management including education, skill building, support systems, crisis intervention, de-escalation, while being mindful of trauma informed care practices.
  • Complete progress notes in accordance with state and federal regulations, and submit such within deadlines set by JAMHI management.
  • Will attend all morning debriefings either in person or via teleconference; weekly case management meetings; monthly all staff meetings; monthly residential team meetings; As needed weekly clinical Treatment meetings wherein residential clients are brought to a clinical discussion ie; CRC, TSC, etc.
  • Respond to crisis situations, which develop within the JAMHI program helping to insure the safety and mental stability of clients according to the policies and procedures.   Coordinate with JAMHI Emergency Services as indicated by the nature of client need.
  • Provide interagency and community consultation and education as needed.
  • Communicate and coordinate with BHA and RLS staff to ensure client’s individual treatment plans are being followed and to ensure therapeutic continuity.
  • Work to effectively communicate with BHA and RLS staff to make sure that the specific needs of clients are being addressed as well as that BHA and RLS staff have the supports in place to work with and bill for the client sans CM.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or related human service field preferred.
  • Five years of experience working directly with the severely mentally may substitute for bachelor’s degree.
  • Ability to work with staff and consumers of varied backgrounds. Ability to work with documents and clinical systems. Ability to communicate effectively with supervisor and other staff.
  • Must be able to pass a State of Alaska background check.


Salary range: $24.34 – 31.46