Izzy Ensinger



  • Educator (preschool)
  • Commercial Driver’s License - Truck Driving

Interests/Specialties:  Communication skills, emotional regulation skills

Whether you meet Izzy on the phone or in-person, she is focused on conveying that JAMHI and it’s staff is a welcoming environment for you.  Izzy understands what it can be like to need to problem solve and find a new resource, having moved around a lot as an adult.    Though Izzy moved to Juneau from Healy, AK; she’s traveled in 48 states (through the help of truck driving) and also lived in Arkansas, California, Kansas, Utah and Wisconsin.

Izzy values effective communication and when she worked in preschool education built a program to help them learn emotional regulation, helping others, and coping skills.  These are skills that she feels passionate about and brings to her current role.

When she’s not at work, Izzy likes reading, crafting, studying new interests, and hiking with her dog named Lilith.