Kiel Renick, PsyD


Education: Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and History, Stanford University Doctor of Psychology, Wright Institute

Employed at JAMHI since March 2020, it was the pursuit of love and wild places brought Kiel to Juneau . . . and well, back to Juneau.  

Kiel's approaches to the work he does as a clinician from a compassionately humanistic perspective.  He tries to form a guiding bridge between unconditional positive regard and the cultivation of illuminating awareness to help people both accept who they are and also become who they aspire to be.  He has particular interests in applying mindfulness, developing motivation for values based behaviors, and being a welcoming open door.

His approach to being a clinician, and life in general, have been informed by his many experiences.  He's studied abroad in Chile, lived briefly in Belize, Ecuador and China; and lived stateside in San Francisco, NYC, and Wyoming.  

Outside of his work at JAMHI, Kiel enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, kayaking and hitting the trails.  He loves to meditate and to play music; and spends his days accompanied by his partner, friends, family and dog.