Mansour Sadeghi

Mansour Sadeghi

Operation Support Assistant

Education: Paralegal Studies, University of Alaska Southeast

Interests/Specialties: cultural diversity training, healthy working relationships, rules & regulations

Behind every great provider of a behavioral health service is note documenting that service. Behind every note documenting a service is Mansour.  For nearly a decade, Mansour has been auditing clinical documentation at JAMHI to ensure that what we do with the people we serve translates into a cohesive chart for others reading it and is a payable service for our funding sources. Mansour works remotely from his home, combing through hundreds of documents, every day, all year long to help ensure that our clinical documentation is in tip-top shape.

Before working at JAMHI, Mansour worked at Juneau Youth Services for many years; and has amassed over 25 years in the behavioral health field. Over this time he’s gained extensive training to help work with people of many different age groups, cultures, diagnoses; individually and in group settings. 

Mansour made Juneau his home for many years by chance; having left Iran over 45 years ago after the revolution, which caused millions to be forced and flee out of their home land; and being sponsored by an amazing American family in Juneau, Alaska. Moving from Iran to Alaska; Mansour is also a bit of a world traveler; having traveled to several countries such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Israel & Turkey, to name a few.

When he isn’t working (and he works a lot!) he likes to take walks, swim, play badminton and read to help fill his cup. JAMHI staff who work with Mansour know that it’s evident how much he cares about our clients and the work we do. He loves to ensure that we help our clients by documenting their goal setting and how they progress.