Merideth Bennett

landscape of trees and lake

Training and Safety Coordinator

Education: Western Michigan University

Groups/Classes: Event Planning Committee, Safety Committee, Training Committee

Before landing at JAMHI in 2017, Merideth worked in a variety of fields including retail, construction management and even owned her own daycare!  In these things she learned a lot about multi-tasking, patience (especially in daycare!), and how to talk to people from all walks of life.  It was those experiences that landed her in a reception role at JAMHI. Over time, Merideth has gown her skills and now holds an important position at JAMHI that helps ensure that JAMHI is a safe place to be and that our staff are well trained and have opportunities for personal and professional development.

Born and raised in Michigan, Merideth has also lived in Chicago, IL before making the best decision she could have made to move across country to Juneau. Despite her roots in lake-based places, Merideth prefers being near (but not on) the water.  She also enjoys walking (and helps host walking groups for staff), riding bikes, reading and trying her hand at gardening.

Merideth says that one unique thing she brings to the table at JAMHI is humor. “Not all situations in life are funny. Most are not. But, you need to find the good things and remember to laugh once in a while, even if it’s at yourself.”