Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike

In 2021 JAMHI Health and Wellness earned designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike, more commonly known as a community health center, by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA). Being a ‘look alike’ means JAMHI meets all the HRSA requirements does not receive Federal award funding.

Since the nation’s first health centers opened in 1965, expansion of the federally-supported health center system to over 1,400 organizations has created an affordable health care option for more than 29 million people across America. Health centers help increase access to crucial primary care by reducing barriers such as cost, lack of insurance, distance, and language for their patients. In doing so, health centers provide substantial benefits to communities and the entire health care system.

JAMHI Health & Wellness Midtown Clinic:

  • Provides highly efficient and cost-effective care, generating savings for Southeast Alaska’s health care system.
  • Increases access to timely primary care; this reduces costlier, avoidable emergency department visits and hospital stays.
  • Delivers a broad array of primary and preventive care services, including screening, diagnosis and management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart and lung disease, depression, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.
  • Reduces mortality, health disparities, and risk of low birth weight.
  • Offers additional services such as transportation, translation, after-hours availability and health education in order to ensure patients are receiving the care they need.

JAMHI Midtown Clinic primary care services are available to ANYONE in the community and services are comprehensive, culturally competent with demonstrably high quality. Midtown Clinic includes a full service integrated pharmacy on-site provided by our partner Genoa Healthcare and was created to deliver health care to the Juneau’s most vulnerable, including people experiencing homelessness, seasonal workers, residents of public housing and Southeast Alaska veterans. Our services are developed to be highly patient-centered, private and personal and if requested, integrated with all other services provided by JAMHI Health & Wellness. We respond to the unique needs of our diverse and medically underserved community and population. JAMHI meets all federal requirements regarding administrative, clinical and financial operation of Midtown Clinic.

Like all JAMHI Health & Wellness services, primary care services at Midtown Clinic are affordable. All services provided regardless of someone’s ability to pay and all are provided on a sliding fee scale.

As Southeast Alaska’s FQHC Look Alike, JAMHI Health & Wellness provides a full array of comprehensive services to anyone in need, often with same-day access; services are trauma-informed, emphasize recovery, wellness, physical health and whole-person service integration. For a full list of services, or to learn how we can help you on your path to recovery, health & wellness call JAMHI Health & Wellness Midtown Clinic at (907) 463-6844.

Learn more about FQHCs with this fact sheet from the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)

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