Mendenhall glacier in Juneau Alaska

Why Choose Us

We at JAMHI Health & Wellness, Inc. are fortunate to have many strengths and assets that help us pursue our mission of helping people live their own best lives. From clean, well-maintained facilities to incredibly supportive community partnerships to the longstanding tenure of our high-quality services to the community to our caring, committed board of directors to the growing comprehensiveness of our service array; these are all incredibly valuable resources that we do not and will not take for granted.

Still, at JAMHI, we know our most important resource in the achievement of our mission is our human resource.

We work hard together to demonstrate the value and respect of all JAMHI staff every day. From their passion to help others to their commitment to the JAMHI code of ethics and commitment to quality, to their willingness to continuously learn and cooperatively problem-solve and support one another, JAMHI’s positive organizational culture and the people who participate in it and maintain it every day are deeply appreciated. We demonstrate this in part by:

  • Regularly comparing our pay scale to those of similarly positioned health and human services throughout Alaska and Southeast Alaska to ensure our continuous competitiveness
  • Providing regularly opportunities for formal and informal input from all personnel and ensure accountable follow-through on suggestions for organizational improvement
  • An educational reimbursement program to support those personnel engaged in their own career development in ways that directly contribute to JAMHI’s mission
  • Providing opportunities for continuous learning and opportunities for internal advancement

At JAMHI we believe organizational culture eats strategy for lunch and we hold our positive organizational culture and the personnel committed to it in the highest regard.

***Seeking new CEO*** Applications close July 7th.