Whole Person Health Care

The JAMHI Health & Wellness model of comprehensive integrated whole person health care is revolutionary. We help people live their own best lives by developing a personal full-spectrum vision of each person’s health and wellness. This is especially critical for people with complex needs. JAMHI screenings and assessments can include medical, behavioral, socioeconomic and more. Health problems can be caused or exacerbated by addiction, lack of safe stable housing, poor nutrition, poverty, physical inactivity and chronic anxiety associated with things like incarceration, unemployment or income insecurity. While some services can provide treatment, train new behavior, help alleviate stressors or address inequities they are often delivered in silos. Specialized providers may not communicate regularly across disciplines, within or between organizations. The JAMHI model of whole-person healthcare helps people lead healthier lives. Care coordination across a comprehensive array of serves maximizes our ability to improve health outcomes and makes limited resources go further to help more Alaskans.