Alyssa Waters

Director of Quality Improvement

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Kennesaw State University Master of Legal Studies, Arizona State University

Alyssa comes to JAMHI having worked in a variety of social services and non-profit fields; including direct care with child welfare, behavioral health, juvenile court, and survivors of domestic violence.  More recently, Alyssa has worked in an administrative and leadership role at an agency serving children and families that got her interested in the behind-the-scenes work that allows places like JAMHI to do what they do as well as they can.

While she enjoys direct care, Alyssa's passion is teaching, training and encouraging staff, so she's eager to help JAMHI staff be the best service providers they can be through her role as Director of Quality Improvement.

While her inquisitive nature works well in her chosen field, it also helps her enjoy the outdoors through walking, hiking, kayaking and exploring new places.  She loves to be joined on these adventures by her partner, TJ, and rescue doggo Fen.  Having been born in Alaska, but raised in Georgia, and then lived in Portland, OR; Alyssa is glad to be in Juneau to foster her deep love for the Pacific Northwest.

Alyssa helps keep us on the path to continued improvement and forward momentum.  By helping people know the 'why' behind our work, it helps foster purpose and motivation to do it well.  Ultimately, Alyssa says, "I put impact, why, and purpose at the forefront of my work, letting the impact to clients - which is why we are all here - drive the initiatives, strategic direction and goals of JAMHI.