Angel Rogers


Since 2019, Angel has been providing customer service and scheduling to various JAMHI service lines.  She got into the social services field at the age of 20, working for Juneau Youth Services and then State of Alaska Department of Corrections before joining JAMHI. 

Raised in Washington state, Angel was experiencing homelessness as a teen and when her father found her on MySpace after 9 years without contact, she was able to move to Alaska where she's been ever since.  Angel loves baking and was taught all she knows by her great-grandmother.  She doodles, listen to audiobooks, and is goofy and silly to be around.  It also doesn't take long around Angel to learn that her world revolves around her dog (a husky).

Angel's history and background in her personal and professional life give her a good understanding of the circumstances and mental health of those around her.  An empathetic person by nature, she tries to really listen to people so that she can provide the best service she can.  She knows it's challenging to take the effort to get help and a helpful smile can go a long way.  She says, "I've always strived to do what I can, and if something is beyond my capabilities I will do what I can to find the next best person who is able to assist."