Kimmy Lamb, CF-OL1, PN1

Kimmy headshot

Wellness Coach


  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Alaska Anchorage (In Progress)
  • CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

Interests/Specialties: Strength training,intuitive eating & food freedom, body empowerment, mind/body connection, cultural competency

Groups/Classes: Art Group 

Kimmy is passionate about nutrition couching and enjoyable movement for health and stress management. She worked in the healthcare field as a certified nurse’s assistant for three years before transitioning to her role as a wellness coach. She is a CrossFit trainer, Precision Nutrition coach, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. Kimmy chose the Precision Nutrition program because of its focus on changing habits, motivational interviewing, and mindset and behavioral change. Her college credits include classes on weight management, Alaska Native nutrition and culinary medicine. Working at JAMHI has taught her about the mental health component to wellness.  She occasionally leads Art Group at Salmon Creek and has previously taught an intuitive eating class for adults as well as one specifically for parents. 

Kimmy believes that everyone has the potential to move. In her own life Kimmy was able to heal from cancer and diabetes through nutrition and movement, and wants to help others do the same. She helps clients realize that they have everything they need to create a healthy relationship with themselves and encourages them to look at how that relationship connects to other parts of their lives including relationships with others and healthy boundaries. Kimmy empowers her patients not to put a ceiling on their own level of fitness or nutrition. Her coaching approach is that of a guide, helping clients to problem solve and feel confident, with the end goal of getting to a place where they are able to exercise and regulate their diet on their own. Kimmy assesses their current selfcare routine and incorporates lots of listening and reflecting into the process and encourages clients to look at the reasons behind the goals that they choose. Kimmy does not resonate with diets. Instead, she helps clients to build a routine that is healthy and sustainable. She wants clients to know that they do not have to navigate that process alone. 

Kimmy is originally from Juneau and has lived here for most of her life. She has traveled across the lower 48 including New Mexico, Colorado, New York and Idaho. Her favorite places to travel are the Coast of California and the Philippines—anywhere with mountains and an ocean. She loves the community of Juneau and wants to continue giving back. Kimmy’s parents are originally from the Philippines and immigrated to the United States before Kimmy was born. As a second-generation immigrant she understands the struggles of finding your own identity between two different traditions and cultures. She thinks it is important to find the best of both worlds in order to develop a deeper sense of connection. Kimmy’s hobbies include going to the gym, hiking with her family, foraging, camping and backpacking, cooking, baking, painting, art projects and reading and music.